Gaming Club

Morton High School Gaming

Sponsored by Miss Kinzel

MHS Gaming is the place to go after school to hang out with friends and play some awesome games! Gaming club is a collaborative group effort between multiple gaming groups, and features two affiliated yet individual clubs at the moment:

Video Game Club

Video Game Club a.k.a. VGC, and formerly known as Gaming Club, involves hanging out with fellow gamers of all skill levels and playing our favorite video games.

Meetings for Video Game Club are held in Room #228, every Friday from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

If you want to bring in games or controllers for the consoles that VGC will have for the week, go ahead! Or maybe you want to bring in your own console; in that case, make sure it is okay by asking our club sponsor Miss Kinzel first.
Handhelds are always allowed and encouraged.


Gaming club holds bi-weekly competitions for a variety of games. You can find details for past and upcoming competitions below. Can't make it to watch? You can keep up with what's going on as we will keep the site up to date with pairings and results during the events.

Live competition

There is no competition currently going on right now but come back next week and we will have you updated on the next fierce competition.

Upcoming competitions

Super Smash Bros.
Type: Elimination
Platform: Wii U
You can sign up on our discord server or out Facebook/Twitter page all linked below. There is also a sign up sheet available in Mrs. Quintanilla's room. Here is the full rule set:

Past competitions

Super Mario Bros.
Type: Race
Platform: NES
Super Mario Bros.
Type: Race
Platform: NES
Champion: Tyshawn G. 13:02
Runner ups:
Name Time Made it to
Joseph B. 9:30 8-2
Jeffrey A. 6:12 8-2
Micheal J. 6:23 8-1
Alex B. 5:34 8-1
Kevin G. 4:22 4-2
Margret H. 4:35 1-2
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Type: Elmination
Platform: PS4
It was a cloes one but it looks like Tyshawn G. came out on top with Joseph B. as a close runner up. The full results can be found here


If you would like to send a suggestion for what we should do next for the next tournament please submit it here.


Check us out on social media for important updates and weekly news about club meetings!