Student Handbook


A closed campus and lunch policy is in effect at MHS for all students.  All students will eat their lunch in the MHS cafeteria and remain there for their entire assigned lunch.  They may purchase the lunch offered for the day by the cafeteria or pack a lunch and bring it to the cafeteria for lunch.  Students are expected to remain in the cafeteria for the entire lunch period.  Students may not be in the halls or any unauthorized area during lunch.  Food and drinks are not to be taken from the cafeteria through the halls, to classrooms or to lockers areas.  Food from fast food restaurants or other sources are not permitted in classrooms or hallways at any time.  For security reasons, lunches are not to be delivered to school.  Students are not to accept any packages or items at the door or go to their car once they have entered the building. 

ACC Students (half day schedule):
Will have A lunch.
May not bring bags and/or coats/jackets/etc. to lunch. Students will have time to go to their lockers after A lunch, before reporting to the library.
Must wear their ACC ID as well as their Morton ID at all times.
Must report to the library when A lunch is over until 11:20 (when the bus arrives.)
May report to Door B at 11:20 from the library to get on the bus.

Any student who leaves the classroom, cafeteria, building or campus without the prior written administrative approval for any reason will be subject to disciplinary action and the time missed will be recorded as truant.  Multiple infractions will lead to suspension and expulsion.

Each student has an individual account where lunch money is deposited for purchases managed in the cafeteria. Purchases will be deducted from this account. Students who receive free or reduced lunches also have an individual account where money may be deposited for food purchases only. Only the student has the information to access this prepaid account with his valid Morton HS ID. This information should not be shared with anyone. The cafeteria staff does not accept cash. All accounts may be prepaid using the kiosk available in the cafeteria.  SCH also offers a prepayment service to deposit money into a child’s account online and a way to check what your child has been purchasing for meals.  Checks may also be sent in for prepayment to an account. For more information regarding these services, access Any student who exceeds 3 meal charges on their account will not receive lunch until the balance is paid. 

The offices do not accept money to be passed on to students or staff. Funds should be available and on deposit in the student’s cafeteria account to safeguard against any lunch dilemma.

Dress and Grooming Guidelines 2017-18
The objective of these guidelines is to provide an appropriate educational environment while allowing students to dress comfortably within limits to facilitate learning.  Students’ attire can have a positive or negative effect on the learning process, contribute to students’ success, and generate a safe and positive learning environment. We expect students to maintain the type of appearance that is not distracting to students, teachers, or the educational process of the school.  All students are expected to comply with these school wear guidelines each day.  There is appropriate and inappropriate attire for all of life’s activities.  Parents and children are equally responsible for the appearance of the child.  Keeping these ideas in mind, please help your student adhere to these guidelines. Students should arrive at school appropriately dressed and prepared, ready to attend class with all the necessary materials to successfully reach their greatest potential. Students in violation of school wear guidelines will be subject to progressive discipline.

General Guidelines
 A. All clothing must be of appropriate size and fit neatly.
B. No hats, caps, scarves, gloves, sweatbands, or sunglasses.
C. No chains (non-jewelry) or chain wallets or belts, studded bracelets or collars.
D. Clothing that is distressed or has holes or rips is not to be worn.
E. Articles of apparel, clothing, or accessories that present a hazard to the individual, other people or property will not be permitted.
F. Due to safety concerns, clothing that is too long, flip-flop sandals, or high platform shoes will not be permitted.

Shirts and Tops
A. Must be solid white or blue.
B. Only elementary school students have the color "red" in their school wear policy.
C. Shirts must have sleeves, no holes, rips or tears.
D. School appropriate logos are permitted but cannot be larger than the size of a school ID except for SCH spirit wear.
E. All tops should be of an appropriate size and fit; no form-fitting or long, baggy shirts will be permitted.
F. Tops open lower than the collar bone are not permitted.
G. Any material that is sheer or lightweight enough to be seen through will not be permitted.

Solid cardigan (button or zip) and crew neck sweaters, pullovers and sweatshirts are permitted in white or blue. Logos are permitted but cannot be larger than the size of a school ID except for approved SCH spirit wear. Hoodies that are white or blue or the approved SCH spirit wear are permitted.

A. Must be solid color of navy or khaki, no denim.
B. Shorts and skorts must be no shorter than 3” above the knee.
C. Baggy, saggy, long, or see-through or revealing pants are not permitted.

A. Must be a solid color of blue or khaki and no more than 3” above knee.
B. All dresses must also meet the requirements listed above under "Tops”.
A. Shoes designated to be worn outside the home.
B. Shoes must be tied and shoes with Velcro closures must be secured at all times as designed.
C. Flip flops, slippers and high platform shoes are not allowed.
The safety of all students and staff is the number one priority.  All students must have their ID picture taken and on file.  Students must have their ID card on their lanyard, around their neck, and visible to enter the building, classrooms, ride school city buses, and pass through the halls.  This ID card is also used to check out library materials, to access student cafeteria accounts, and for identification purposes.  Failure to have your ID card when requested by any staff/security member will result in disciplinary action.  Any ID which has been altered, obscured or defaced is not valid and the student will be responsible for the cost of a replacement ID.

Must be on a lanyard.
Must be worn around the neck at all times.

Dress Down Passes:
May be earned through PBIS or other incentive programs.
Students may wear clothing of his/her choice that is appropriate in both fit and style. General Guidelines expectations still apply. Shoe guidelines expectations still apply. 

Jeans Fridays 
Jeans are allowed. No rips or holes of any kind.
All other uniform guidelines apply (i.e. tops, shoes, etc.)
If not participating in jeans day, students should dress in school approved uniform.

In the event of an emergency at school, please trust that our first priority is the safety of the students and staff.  The most up-to-date and accurate information is promptly found at the school city website. Emergency closings, eLearning Days, school calendars, meeting information, testing and graduation information are all available at You may also monitor WJOB radio at 1230 AM on the radio and the local television stations for information. In the event of an emergency or crisis situation, official school personnel will contact parents and give them instructions once the situation has been stabilized and made safe for everyone. Students would never be instructed to call home in an emergency.

Please do not call or come to the school which hinders relief efforts.  The frequencies used by emergency personnel are the same frequencies used by cell phone traffic.  While students are calling home with wrong or embellished information, emergency communication and responders are blocked by this cell overload and school personnel cannot coordinate the efforts while answering calls.

Each student is assigned their own personal locker for the storage of books and personal items. Lockers are to be locked only with a Morton lock, available from the bookstore for $6.00. Each student is responsible for securing their assigned locker and safeguarding its contents. 

Lockers and combinations are never to be shared with anyone. Any item found in a locker is considered the property of the student assigned to that locker. If students are found to be sharing a locker, all students using that locker will be charged with possession and subsequent consequences.

All lockers are school property and may be searched at anytime in accordance with Indiana code IC 20-8.1-5-4, in the case of an emergency or when the health or welfare of students, staff or school is thought to be involved. Locker inspections will be conducted at anytime without prior notification to students or staff at the discretion of administration, and trained search dogs will be utilized in some cases to assist in the searching of schools, lockers and their contents. Books or other items missing from a student’s locker are the responsibility of the student and the cost of those items. It is the student’s responsibility to secure his belongings and not share the combination with anyone (this includes gym, dance studio, practice, and dressing room facilities). Lockers that are not locked risk the loss of all the contents and cost of the missing items.  Students should keep this in mind when bringing clothing or other items of value to school. Neither Morton High School nor the School City of Hammond are responsible for any lost or stolen items (including cell phones and electronics).

Please make sure your student is aware of his transportation arrangements or other responsibilities before coming to school. We encourage our young adults to be responsible citizens. By using this agenda as intended, students can organize such responsibilities as schedules, assignments and the materials needed for success.

Students will be called down after school has been dismissed at the end of the school day (2:30 p.m.) to the office. If they come to the office, they will be given the message.  Please be reminded that all calls made to and from MHS are recorded and identified by our caller identification system, including cell phones.

Any deliveries of gifts, flowers, balloons, or anything else for a student will be refused by the school and sent back with the delivery person.  

CELL PHONES/Personal Communication Devices (PCDs)
Neither Morton High School nor the School City of Hammond are responsible for any lost or stolen items (including cell phones and electronics).

Cell phone/PCD use is allowed on campus in the following situations:
1. In the hallway (without headphones/earbuds)
2. In the cafeteria (headphones/earbuds allowed)
3. When walking into the classroom, turn off and put away, unless specifically
     directed otherwise by instructor.

Cell phones/PCDs must be quiet at all times (i.e. students may not play music or videos out loud on a speaker.)

Headphones/earbuds are allowed only in the cafeteria and must be removed upon exiting the cafeteria.

Cell phones/PCDs may not be used in the classroom, unless under direct supervision and request of the classroom teacher.

Video and/or audio recording is forbidden, unless under direct supervision and request of the classroom teacher.

Students have access to computers and other elements of technology throughout the campus. Students may only use computers designated for student use. According to School City of Hammond policy, destruction, misuse or removal of hardware, software or applications on a computer, changes in the configuration of a computer from its designated set up, or any action that interferes with the use of a computer or materials will be considered vandalism that will result in disciplinary action (possibly 10 days OSS pending expulsion), loss of access, remuneration for damage and prosecuted.

With the increase of the use of technology in our district to communicate, manage records, and support the curriculum in the classroom, the School City of Hammond has updated the school board policies that address the use of technology in our district.  According to Board Policy 7540 students and must sign and submit a Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety form.  

Access to the Internet is a privilege. In this educational setting, students are expected to access educationally appropriate materials.  Any student observed in areas or sites deemed inappropriate, accessing information which may endanger that student or others, found to be intending to foster negative opinions or hate groups, or are outside a positive learning experience, will lose access and privileges, with disciplinary action to follow. Expulsion is a disciplinary option.

Teacher classroom administrative, hardware, software and accessories are never to be used or accessed by anyone other than the teacher it has been assigned to at any time.

Orderly hallway conduct is necessary for safety.  Students are to move during the passing period to their assigned classrooms without loitering. Undue noise, running, jumping, shouting, and shoving are not permitted.   

Teachers do not issue passes to go to the washroom, lockers, counselors, library or other classrooms after the bell has sounded. Students are to take care of these matters and other personal business on their own time. Students found in any unauthorized area will receive disciplinary action. Multiple violations will result in suspension and/or expulsion.

Hall passes are included in this handbook. Use these passes wisely. You will receive no other. Students in the hallway without a pass will be escorted back to their classrooms and/or face disciplinary action, if applicable.

The safety of Morton students and staff is our highest priority. Students enter through Door B for breakfast at 7:00 a.m. All other students are only to enter the building at the main entrance, door A, located on the west side of the building facing the parking lot. They are not allowed to access any other area in the building.

Students who have made arrangements with a teacher must have a written pass from that teacher.  Students entering after 7:30 AM must enter at door A and report directly to the attendance office.

For the safety of everyone in the building, students are never to open any door to anyone.  Access to the building will be determined by the main office. Anyone who allows access without administrative direction is in violation of the security policies and may receive disciplinary action.

Security is a primary concern for all public buildings. With this in mind, parents are encouraged to schedule appointments with building personnel as needed. Enter through door A and go directly to the main office to register. Failure to register is a violation and will be considered trespassing.  Students are not permitted to bring visitors to school or to arrange for visitors to school.  

Any student who is suspended, expelled, or withdrawn from any school is not allowed on any School City of Hammond property without the specific, written permission from school administration and will be subject to further disciplinary action with police enforcement and prosecution.   

No one is allowed on any School City of Hammond property before, during or after school hours without direct school personnel supervision. Anyone who fails to follow these procedures is subject to prosecution as trespassing under the provisions of IC 35-43-2-2.

Safety is our number-one priority. Students are required to cooperate with established security measures or be subjected to disciplinary and legal action. Lockers, book bags, backpacks, purses, cars, students, and staff may be searched at any time when the safety of any student, staff member, or the community is thought to be at risk. Any item large enough to be carried on or over the shoulder is considered a “bag” and must be stored in the locker.

During the school day, everyone must enter at door A where the office will determine entry.  The loading dock is off limits to students at all times. Any student who opens any door to allow entry into the building jeopardizes the safety of everyone and violates safety procedures. Cameras are placed strategically throughout the building and campus, which although not constantly monitored, record all movement and activity both inside and outside the building. All phone calls made to and from MHS are also recorded and tracked by our caller identification system, including cell phones.

All security officers at Morton High School are police officers. Their function is to enforce both state and local laws as well as school rules and policies.

The School City of Hammond does not tolerate the use or possession of illegal drugs or look alike drugs, marijuana, narcotics, any controlled substances, alcoholic beverages or intoxicants of any kind, as well as drug paraphernalia. Any student suspected of any such activity or possession may be required to submit the results of a test for the presence of any illegal substances in their system before being allowed to return to school.
Any student suspected of being under the influence or in possession of alcohol or a controlled substance (including tobacco products) will be referred to the administration for verification. If use or possession is verified, disciplinary action will be taken, the Hammond Police will be notified, and the following actions at the discretion of the administration:
Five-day out-of-school suspension and parent conference upon completion of suspension. The administration will encourage any student to seek professional help in dealing with any alcohol/controlled substance problem.
Ten-day out-of-school suspension and recommended expulsion with referral to professional drug abuse/prevention program.
Any student found to be in possession of any drugs, look alike drugs, marijuana, narcotics, or any controlled substance or paraphernalia may be arrested and prosecuted.
A clean drug screen performed by a professional may be required in order to return to school.
Possession of tobacco by anyone under 18 is illegal and subject to enforcement of the law. Hammond Police may issue a citation which mandates a court appearance by the student with his parent, a fine and judicial sentence which includes participation in a tobacco education class.

Each student and community member should have pride in the facilities made available for the education of our students. Everyone should strive to see that lockers, floors, walls, restrooms, etc. are not defaced or marred in any way. Anyone who commits vandalism or defaces school property of any kind will be required to make restitution for the damages and will have both disciplinary and legal prosecution as the outcome.

The School City of Hammond issues credits under a semester schedule. Students attend 7 class periods per semester, with 2 semesters comprising a school year.  

Students may visit the bookkeeper to pay textbook rental and other fees before school from 7:00 – 7:25 a.m. and after school from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. only. Payments for school fees may also be mailed directly to MHS.

Checks are accepted for textbook rental only. Cash is always accepted.

Morton High School, the School City of Hammond, and its employees are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items of any kind, including cell phones and other technological devices. Students should keep this in mind when bringing clothing or any items of any value to school or school activities. Students who find lost articles should take them to the Guidance office where the owner may claim them. Morton High School will dispose of all unclaimed items that remain 30 days or more in the Lost & Found or 5 days after the last day of school each year. You are advised to leave any clothing or other items of value at home.

An administrator must approve any item before it can be displayed. Tape is not to be used to attach anything to any painted surface.  Items displayed incorrectly will be removed. Cork strips have been placed throughout the building for the sole purpose of posting school notices and the like. Please use them!

School pictures are taken each year for publication in the Top Hat yearbook at no cost to appear in the yearbook, and parents are under no obligation to purchase any picture packages.  Packages are offered by an outside photography studio. Team, group, activity and club pictures are also taken throughout the year for publication. Listen for the announcements and information regarding prices and availability.

A local insurance company, non-affiliated with Morton High School or the School City of Hammond, offers and manages a special school insurance program each year. It is not mandatory that you participate, but parents should weigh the merits of this program along with the benefits of their current coverage.

Students from households where the income is at or below income guidelines established annually by the federal government for free meals are eligible for textbook assistance. To qualify for textbook assistance, parents must complete the Application for Free or Reduced-Price School Meals and/or for Textbook Assistance, available on the SCH website.  Students whose families qualify for free or reduced-price meals will be eligible for textbook assistance. Textbook assistance does not include all school fees and charges. Those not covered are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. 

All students are responsible for the books and any other materials issued to them.  It is also the responsibility of the student to maintain those materials in good condition and to return them to the teacher when directed to do so. The cost of those materials will be the responsibility of the student when lost or damaged materials are not returned when designated by the teacher or items which are just left in a locker or elsewhere.

Work permit information and restrictions are printed on the back of the intent to employ form.
Any student applying for a work permit must first submit a completed “Intent to Employ” form signed by the employer, parent/guardian, student, and by the student’s counselor.  Students with attendance problems or whose grades may be compromised by employment will not be issued a permit.
In accordance with Indiana codes IC 20-8.1-4-12 and IC 20-8.1-4-32, the issuing officer may deny a certificate to a student whose attendance is not in good standing or whose academic performance does not meet required standards.
Forms submitted to the student services office before the start of the school day will be completed for pick up by the student at the end of the day.  The student applicant is the only person who may pick up the completed permit.
Work permits can only be issued for employment in the State of Indiana for work performed within the state and according to the guidelines for employment of minors as set by the state.  Every job change requires a new work permit.
Only the student may sign and claim his work permit in the Guidance Office.  
Any student who fails to maintain passing grades, has irregular attendance, withdraws from high school before graduation, or has progressive discipline may have the Indiana work permit and driving privileges revoked by the state.

Indiana residents working in another state must obtain a work permit from the state where they will be performing their job duties.

Students may use vending machines before and after school hours. Students may not leave the cafeteria to use the vending machines. Food, beverages and other snacks are not to be brought into the building, carried through the halls or taken to any classroom, hallway or locker.

Students are required by law to attend school and follow all school policies and rules.  “It is unlawful for a parent to fail to ensure his child attends school” as defined under Indiana Code 20-8. 1-3-17.2. Compulsory School Act. As defined in Indiana Code 20-33-2-11, a student is habitually truant when the student is chronically absent, by having unexcused absences from school for more than 10 days of school in one year.  Students who are habitually truant will be referred to the city and county courts through the Juvenile Court and Prosecuting Attorney’s office.  

The school cannot teach students who are not present. Frequent absences from regular classroom learning experiences disrupt the continuity of the instructional process. The benefit of regular classroom instruction is lost and cannot be entirely regained, even by after school instruction. Consequently, many students who frequently miss school experience great difficulty in achieving maximum benefits of schooling. Indeed, many students in these circumstances achieve mediocre academic success.  The process of education requires regular continuity of instruction.

Violation of the attendance policy may result in the loss of credits, failure, and disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.

Death or funeral in immediate family (father, mother, guardian, grandparent, sibling)
Court ordered dates  (letter required from court or agency)
College visitations  (limit to 3 per year, must be prearranged)
Doctor/Dentist visits  (should be scheduled outside school hours, necessary visits verified by note from doctor, not appointment card)
Educational school field trip  (trip attendance part of classroom instruction)
Serving as a page for government agency  (letter required from agency)
Poll worker  (letter required from election board)
Military service  (letter required/not to exceed 10 days)
Pre-arranged family trip limited to maximum 5 days  (completed paperwork must be submitted prior to the absence)
Religious observation

Students who are excused for all or part of a day for any reason are held responsible for obtaining the day’s assignments from their teachers for the classes they miss.  Students will have the amount of days they missed, plus one additional day, to make up  work for excused absences. During the last 6-week grading period, all assigned work must be made up prior to the end of the term.  
High school students have matured to the point that they can understand the need for good attendance and can exercise considerable self-direction. When it is absolutely necessary for a student to be absent from school, a parent or guardian must contact the attendance office on the day of the absence.The parent or guardian MUST contact the school attendance office when an absence is necessary. This contact may be by telephone on the day of the absence and/or by presentation of a note the following day.  Messages may be left on the 24-hour attendance line, 989-7316 and press “1” when prompted. If the parent does not notify the attendance office on the day of the absence, the time is recorded as truant.

When returning from an excused absence, the student is to first report to the attendance office for an Admit before returning to class.

Students who must leave school during the school day must report to the attendance office, receive administrative approval to leave, and be released.  Parents must arrange 24 hours in advance of the dismissal or the parent must come in and sign the student out. Students found to be leaving the building without permission, for any reason, will be subject to disciplinary action.

Any absence not listed as excused will be considered unexcused. 

Morton High School expects all students to attend school regularly and on time. Morton High School expects that no student should miss more than nine (9) full days of school for the entire school year, excused or unexcused. All Morton teachers give their students their personal classroom rules and expectations, along with a syllabus. Students who accumulate excessive absences may lose the opportunity to make up work and may possibly fail the six weeks grading period. Students must make themselves aware of their teachers’ policies and expectations.

It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher to complete all assigned work. Upon completion of the assigned work, the grade will then be changed to the grade earned. Teachers are not required to give credit for any missed or make-up assignments or tests occurring during an unexcused absence or out of school suspension.

Students are considered truant when not in their assigned area any time during the school day.  Truancies accumulate each 6 weeks toward failure for the trimester.

Any student 10 or more minutes late to first period or 5 minutes late periods 2 through 8 is recorded as truant.

Any student who leaves class before the bell or is found in any area without a valid pass is truant and will be documented as “Leaving Without Permission”.

Teachers and administration will track attendance and follow up on truancy, which is subject to any of the following progressive discipline:
BIZ, OSS, Zero Tolerance Truancy program, truancy referrals, and expulsion. 

Students are given a sufficient length of time for passing between classes. There should be no reason to arrive late to school or any class. Students who are not in their assigned seats when the bell rings are tardy. Appropriate penalties will be assigned by the teacher.  These may include extra assignments, detentions, or other appropriate discipline measures at the discretion of the teacher. Students arriving to class 10 or more minutes after the bell has sounded are recorded as truant (unexcused absence).

Tardy policy for every class:
1st offense:  Classroom consequence
2nd offense:  Classroom consequence
3rd offense:  Classroom consequence 
4th offense:  Office  referral- 1 detention
5th offense:  Office referral - 3 detentions
6th offense:  Office referral - 5 detentions
7th offense:  Office referral- ½ BIZ
8th offense:  Office referral-  BIZ
9th offense: Office referral- OSS

Additional tardies will result in progressive discipline by administration.

All students arriving to school after 7:30AM but before 7:40 AM are to enter thru door A and report directly to their class. These Students will be marked Tardy to first period.
All students arriving after 7:40 AM are to enter thru door A and report directly to the Attendance Office.  The arrival time will be noted, a pass will be written, and the student will report immediately to class.
Hallway sweeps will be implemented as needed and students not in class will be subject to progressive discipline. 
Also, faculty and staff will be standing in the hallway or at their doors every day-every class positively verbalizing the importance and need to arrive on time.

In accordance with Indiana code IC 9-24-2-1, any student under the age of 18 who is habitually truant, receives an out-of-school suspension, is suspended pending expulsion, or withdraws from school before he graduates will be reported to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles for invalidation of the student’s license/permit and work permit.  The state will then notify the parent/guardian that the child’s driving privileges have been revoked.

The School City of Hammond and Morton High School discourage family trips or vacations which cause class time to be missed at school.  Be advised that negative academic consequences and failures could occur due to such absences.  Teachers are not required to accept or give credit for any assignments, tests, or missed work during family trips or vacations, which may result in failure and loss of credits.

The parent/guardian of any student who requests to excuse any absence or extended absence lasting 2 or more days must submit a completed Pre Arranged Extended Absence Request to the attendance office 5 days in advance of the requested absence. Failure to complete the necessary forms will record the time missed as unexcused/truant. Approved family trips are limited to 5 school days per school year.  Any days beyond 5 during the school year will be recorded as unexcused/truant absence(s).

The educational philosophy and objectives of our school suggests the need to create a safe and stimulating learning environment for all students. The school staff, parents, and students must give a combined effort to assist in its development and maintenance.  Indiana Code Title 20 grants school officials the legal authority to deal with any disruptive student. The action(s) of the student will determine the consequence. A student identified as a chronic disciplinary problem may be suspended or recommended for expulsion on the basis that despite prior punishment or action, that student has persistently violated the rules of the school. Individual rights will be respected in such a manner as to recognize the legitimate rights of all to receive their education. All rules and outcomes are in effect for the entire school day and for all school-related activities.

Depending upon the infraction, the following disciplinary measures may be enforced:
Detention; Saturday School; Behavior Improvement Zone (BIZ); Parent conference; Behavior contract; Suspension of Privileges; 1 through 5 days OSS; and 10 day OSS/Expulsion Initiated.
In some cases, a violation judged severe or repeated offenses may have an outcome that bypasses one or more levels of progression.

Teachers have rules specific to their individual classrooms. Action taken may include a conference (teacher, parent, student), extra written work assigned, before or after school detention (in the teacher's classroom) or a reduction in conduct, effort or scholarship grades. Repeated offenses will result in a referral to administration and stricter disciplinary action.

Minor Offenses—generally handled by classroom teacher—repeated violations may be referred to administration:
Unverified absence
Being out of assigned seat
Chewing gum or eating candy
Failure to turn in assigned work
Failure to wear an I.D. card (must be visible on a chain or lanyard)
Making noise in class
Obscene gestures to students
Sleeping in class
Talking in class
Throwing paper/objects in class
Use of profanity
Other similar behaviors deemed inappropriate by the teacher

Major violations or violations requiring immediate administrative attention would include the following:
Attempting to cause physical injury to a staff member and/or students
Attempting to interfere with necessary disciplinary action
Destroying or attempting to damage school property, which may include lockers, walls, floors, washrooms, desks, and DAR forms
Excessive unverified absence
Failure to report to an administrator  
Failure to report to assigned detentions
Failure to wear an I.D. card—repeated violations
Failure to comply with instructions of any school employee
Forgery of school documents or attendance notes
Gambling in school or on school grounds
Harassment of another individual
Igniting fireworks in or on school grounds (automatic suspension--possible expulsion)
Improper use of cell phones, cameras, electronic notepads (IPAD), and the like
Indecent exposure
Loitering on school grounds
Lying to an administrator, teacher, or staff member
Obscene gestures or language towards faculty or staff members
Repeated reports of cheating
Safety infraction
Snowball throwing

Parents may be asked to come to school for conferences when student behavior or performance is unacceptable. In some cases, the student may not return to class until the conference has been completed. Teachers must be given 24 hour notice prior to a conference requested by a parent.

Detentions may be issued by any teacher due to classroom/behavioral management problems and are supervised by the teacher. If a student does not fulfill his detention obligation to the teacher, his grade may be affected. Any unserved detention is considered insubordination and will result in BIZ to follow according to the progressive policy. As parents are ultimately responsible for the transportation of their children to and from school, it is advisable to avoid situations that may lead to detention.

Administrative detentions are to be served in Room 161 from 2:45p.m. – 3:30 PM. Late admissions are turned away. If you cannot afford to stay after school, be sure your conduct reflects that and does not result in detention consequences. Students will work on a social-emotional curriculum through the Ripple Effects software. Students must also bring study materials with them to detention or assignments will be issued by the supervisor. Students who do not complete an assignment will receive a 0 for the assignment. Students who violate detention rules will receive ICBM/Behavior Improvement Zone or out-of-school suspension.

If the student has a reasonable conflict meeting the timeline, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the adult issuing the detention and to make arrangements to serve the detention on an alternate date. That date must be the one indicated on the original detention slip. Once issued, the dates cannot be altered. If the detention is not served as directed, additional disciplinary action will follow which may also affect the student’s grade. Support staff will issue detentions as directed. Teachers also have the option to record a 0 for the day’s work rather than issue a detention.

Students are expected to arrive to class with all the materials necessary to successfully complete the class. Students who come unprepared (no work, book and/or other materials) will receive a 0 for the day. Habitually forgetting items and being unprepared will result in administrative intervention and failure.

Classroom teachers monitor and track student behavior in the classroom and intervene to support more positive behavior. Severe or chronic classroom problems are referred to the administration and may result in further disciplinary action.
Major behavioral issues are referred immediately to administration for disciplinary action.
Consequences may range from a conference to recommendation for expulsion.  Behavior Trackers/DARs from the same teacher or for a habitual behavior may result in suspension, detentions, parent conference, Behavior Improvement Zone (BIZ), out-of-school suspension and/or expulsion.

Behavior Improvement Zone (BIZ)/In-School Suspension
This disciplinary program is provided to students as an alternative to suspension.  The Behavior Improvement Zone program is an attempt to influence and change student behavior in a positive manner through the application of serious study habits, reflection on one’s reason for conduct and the intervention of a school counselor and administrator. Students are not marked absent for time served in the Behavior Improvement Zone.
All school rules are in effect for Behavior Improvement Zone.
Students in the Behavior Improvement Zone program are ineligible to participate in any extracurricular school activities for the days attending Behavior Improvement Zone, i.e. sports, clubs, dances, etc.
Students are responsible to bring all study materials needed.  No passes will be issued to go to lockers or other areas.  All uncompleted assignments will receive a 0 from the classroom teacher.
Students will receive credit for work completed while in Behavior Improvement Zone.
Behavior Improvement Zone is not a detention but a higher step in the progressive disciplinary policy.
No talking, sleeping, eating, drinking, gum, etc. allowed.
No cell phones or outside technology permitted. 
Failure to follow the rules in Behavior Improvement Zone will result in out-of-school suspension.
Students will be assigned a social emotional curriculum to complete online. This program, Ripple Effects, is private and is intended to promote positive choices.

A student may be suspended from attendance at MHS at the discretion of the administration or in accordance with SCH policies for a period of 1 to 10 days for each offense or violation of any rule or guideline. Students under suspension are ineligible to participate in any events at Morton HS or any other Hammond School during the time of their suspension. Parents are responsible for at-home enforcement and supervision of suspended students. 
Teachers are required to give credit for any missed or make-up assignments or tests occurring during an out-of-school suspension.

A student may be expelled from attendance at MHS for a designated time of one or more trimesters, as decided upon by the expulsion examiner. Expulsion is preceded by suspension from school and a due process hearing by a hearing officer assigned by the school city. Repeated or severe violations of any rule or guideline will result in expulsion.  Once expulsion has been determined, the student will receive the grade “WF” for all classes enrolled in at the time of the expulsion. MHS and the School City of Hammond respect the expulsion determinations and filings of all other schools and school districts. 
The State of Indiana bestows the right for administrators to revoke the driver’s license of any expelled student.

Any student or group of students, who intentionally and/or repeatedly torment, threaten, intimidate or verbally assault another student through means of physical, social, written electronic or verbal acts are considered acts of bullying pursuant to IC 20-8.1-5.1-7.7. Violations include any Internet communication, such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and e-mail messages, as well as phone contacts, such as text messages and pictures.

Sexual harassment/intimidation can consist of unwelcome verbal or sexual advances, request for sexual favors or acts, and any inappropriate verbal, written, implied or physical conduct, indecent exposure, offensive touching or gestures. Such behavior is prohibited under all circumstances. In order to protect all personnel and students of the School City of Hammond, any threat, act of violence, or intimidation at any time will be grounds for expulsion. All reported allegations will be investigated by the administration and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Any individual who deliberately transmits a false fire alarm or bomb threat, attempts to make any type of explosive/harmful device, assists in any of these acts in any manner or does not report knowledge of any of these acts will be suspended and expulsion proceedings initiated. A terroristic threat is defined as any threat to commit violence against a person or property communicated with the intent to create fear and intimidation, to cause evacuation of a building, to cause serious public inconvenience, or to cause serious educational disruption, in reckless disregard of the risk of person or property. These acts impose an obvious danger to the students, teachers, staff and community. 

These acts are federal crimes and the applicable law enforcement agencies will be notified for prosecution for violation, including I.C. 35-44-2-2.

Students who enter into any type of physical altercation or fight on the way to school, during school, after school, on their way home from school, on campus or at any school related activity will receive disciplinary action (suspension for up to 10 days and recommendation for expulsion).
School security and the Hammond Police have the power to arrest and may file charges of battery or disorderly conduct when necessary.

Possession of any item judged by the administration to be a weapon or possibly used as a weapon, including toy or counterfeit items, will result in expulsion.  
Any item found in a locker is considered the property of the student assigned to the locker.  If students are illegally sharing a locker, all students found to be using that locker will all be charged with the possession and consequences.

Morton High School prohibits physical gestures such as kissing, petting, necking and all physical displays of affection while on school grounds. Engaging in any type of sexual behavior on school property or at any school related activity is inappropriate and will result in disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion.

All students are expected to be out of the building within 20 minutes of the final bell, unless they have an extracurricular activity.
 All students with an activity are expected to be out of the building within 20 minutes of the end of the activity.
Students waiting for rides can only be at door B by the red Governor benches.
Students are expected to take all items necessary to go home after their final class before attending an extracurricular activity and will not be allowed to go to their locker afterwards.
The consequence for not being picked up on time may result in removal from the team/club/activity.
Students found in the building without a sponsor or not at the red Governor benches will be subject to progressive discipline.
Siblings and students from other schools are not allowed in the building.
Students are not allowed, at any time, to open a door to allow someone to enter Morton High School. 

Please keep this in mind when making arrangements to pick up your students.  Once a student exits the building, they may not re-enter unless accompanied by their parent, or are under the direct supervision of school personnel.

Crossing streets surrounding the building anywhere other than the crosswalk at the corner of Grand Avenue and 169th Street with the street light in the marked crosswalk, walking in front of cars, or causing traffic to stop and crossing in front of a vehicle is considered jaywalking by the City of Hammond.  Students who jaywalk will be subject to progressive discipline. This action may also result in a citation by the Hammond Police and require the parents to appear in court with the student, the payment of a fine, and disciplinary action. The HPD strictly enforces the city code. 

Any student who wears, distributes, draws, sells, or possesses any items, graffiti, jewelry, hairstyles, tattoos, colors, or jackets, or any other material/activities judged to be associated identified, infer, or support gang affiliation will be suspended 10 days subject to expulsion. This includes but is not limited to, using hand signals, gestures, clothing, insignias, clothing, soliciting or promoting any gang activity or threats.

All forms of gambling are strictly prohibited, including flipping/tossing coins, dice, card games, or selling chances for personal gain. Students, parents and others are also prohibited from the unauthorized selling of unauthorized merchandise on MHS grounds.  Authorization must be obtained in writing from the Principal. Such activities will result in suspension subject to expulsion and prosecution. 

Forgery includes but is not limited to falsifying signatures or documents and the impersonation of parent, doctor, teacher, or staff member by phone. Students using another person’s work and claiming it as their own (plagiarism) and any other forms of cheating will receive a “0” for the work involved and disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion. The possession, theft or forgery of any Morton HS official or confidential item, materials or document will result in suspension pending expulsion.  
The use of any materials or devices, which have not been specifically authorized for use during testing/school work, will result in the automatic failure of the student for the test/work involved, confiscation of the unauthorized item(s) and administrative action, which may include expulsion.

PUBLIC SPEAKING/Morton Representative
In the event a student is asked to the address the student body, any group or public organization or venue as a representative of Morton HS, the speech must be submitted to the Principal or designee for approval a minimum of 3 days before the event, and present the work as approved. Any deviation from this procedure will result in administrative action and loss of accolade and awards.

High school grades are given point values to determine honor roll, class rank and grade point average.
Grading System Regular Course Honor Course
A = 4 points A = 5 points
B = 3 points B = 4 points
C = 2 points C = 3 points
D = 1 point D = 2 points

Chalkable Now FOR PARENTS
Go to the School City of Hammond website at and click on the Chalkable Now  under the Portals. Enter the Username and Password given to you by your school. If you forgot your password, click the Forgot your password? link and follow instructions provided. This will enable you to access attendance, discipline history, schedules, demographic profile and report card. Future site development will include homework access and assignments. Contact the guidance office for more information.


Students will be scheduled for a full school day of classes each of the eight semesters of enrollment for 4 consecutive academic years beginning with ninth grade. A variety of electives are offered each year to meet or explore interests in many fields. Opportunities in additional areas are also available at the Area Career Center.
A maximum of only one school/department service credit (Peer Tutor) can be earned per year with approval by the principal.

Withdrawal from a course due to a medical reason will result in a “W” and carry no GPA penalty.  A student removed from a class due to disciplinary action or failure by an administrator will receive a grade of “WF” and the loss of credit with a GPA penalty.

Students participating in athletic/extracurricular teams/events must be passing 4 solid credit subjects to maintain their eligibility.  Be sure to schedule enough classes to ensure success and graduation.

A variety of vocational-technical programs are offered at the Area Career Center (ACC).  These programs provide students with entry-level skills and the training needed for further study in college/technical schools or apprenticeships.  Credits earned at the ACC become part of the student’s record and apply toward graduation requirements.  Transportation is provided to and from the ACC from each school.  Students interested in vocational-technical skills should contact their counselor for information and the wide range of opportunities available to them.

High school students attending a School City of Hammond school will be identified according to their cohort (number of years in school). Students will be identified as follows:
First year of high school     Freshman
Second year of high school Sophomore
Third year of high school     Junior
Fourth year of high school   Senior (30 or more credits)

Diplomas distinguish students and recognize the pursuit of a higher level of achievement and accomplishment during their high school years. Please speak with your school counselor when planning your freshman schedule if you want to achieve an Academic Honors Diploma to ensure that you meet your academic goals. A diploma will only be awarded to those students who successfully pass the ECA tests and credit requirements or meet the requirements to receive a waiver.  

These are the minimum credits required in each subject.  Minimum grade in each subject must also be obtained and must also meet all Hammond requirements and electives:

English (8) Math (6)               Science (6)
Include: Literature, Include: Algebra I & II, Include: Biology, 
Composition, Speech   Geometry Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Chemistry-Physics, any core 40 science
Social Studies (6) Directed Electives (5) Physical Ed (2) 
Include: US History, Include: World Languages, Health (1)
Government, Economics  Fine Arts, Career Technical Electives
World History, Civilization
Geography, World History Career Academic Electives (6)

Total Credits Required (40)

Students must complete all requirements for the Core 40 and Morton/School City of Hammond requirements:
Earn 2 additional Core 40 Math and Fine Arts credits
Earn 6-8 Core 40 World Language credits
Earn a minimum grade “C” for courses that will count toward the diploma
Minimum overall grade point average “B” or above
Complete one of the following: 2 advanced placement courses and corresponding AP exams, academic, transferable dual high school/college courses resulting in 6 college credits, score 1200 or higher combined SAT math and critical reading, score 26 composite ACT, an International Baccalaureate Diploma. Details and requirements may change. Check with your counselor for eligibility.

Must complete all requirements for the Core 40 and Morton/School City of Hammond requirements
Complete a career-technical program (related sequence of 8-10 career-technical credits)
Earn a grade of “C” or above in courses that will count toward their diploma
Have a grade point average of “B” or above
Complete state recognized certification requirements
Details and requirements may change. Check with your counselor for eligibility.
Students who do not graduate as planned must then meet any and all requirements in place for the year they will graduate.

Students who qualify and complete an Advanced Placement class have the opportunity to receive college credit after scoring successfully on the Advanced Placement Test for that subject offered in the spring. AP courses offered at Morton include Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, U.S. History, Government, and English.

Progress reports are available through STI Parent Access and the Guidance Office.

Morton High School will provide an official transcript to send to any agency or institution that is formally designated to receive them by the student or graduate. Transcripts are free. Transcript requests require a 3-day notice.

The MHS Guidance Department sponsors a Financial Aid Night every year. Information regarding the application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is provided in addition to information regarding grants, loans and scholarships.  College representatives will also be available at that time.

All graduating students are required to pass a graduation exam to receive a diploma from the State of Indiana.
Students who do not pass these required tests must retake the tests during the Winter and Spring testing periods subsequent years. For those who do not pass the test, or may need additional help in a subject, remediation/tutoring opportunities are available.

State law provides that a student who has not passed required graduation tests may apply for a graduation waiver. The following will be considered:

The principal of the school the student currently attends certifies that the student will, within one month of the scheduled graduation date, complete the components of the Core 40 curriculum with a grade of “C” or better in each required and directed elective course, or the student is successful in his appeal of the test results under the criteria adopted by the State Board.  These criteria specify that the student did not achieve a passing score, has taken the test during subsequent testing periods, and completed a minimum of 60 hours of remediation offered by the school in the subject areas in which the student did not achieve a passing score. The student must also maintain a minimum a 95% attendance rate during high school, completed 23 credit hours of the required courses necessary for graduation with a C average, obtained a written recommendation supporting the request for the appeal from the his/her teachers after submitting examples of work for review in the subject areas in which the student has not achieved a passing score, and has satisfied all state and local graduation requirements.

Any student unable to pass the required graduation exam or receive approval for a waiver, but has otherwise met the graduation requirements of the high school will receive a “Certificate of Completion” in lieu of a diploma.

Current Graduation Exams required by the State of Indiana are as follows:
Class of 2018 End-of-Course Assessments (ECA) for Algebra I and English 10
Class of 2019 ISTEP+ Math and English
Class of 2020 ISTEP+ Math and English
Class of 2021 The exact test for the class of 2021 and beyond has not been
finalized by the state of Indiana.

The use of waivers to qualify for graduation is strongly discouraged by Morton High School, the School City of Hammond, and the State of Indiana.

Participation in commencement exercises is a privilege that seniors earn by completing the necessary academic/graduation requirements. Only those students who have successfully completed all mandated credits/requirements prior to commencement are eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies.  If attendance to any additional class(es) or other requirement has not been successfully fulfilled or is still needed to complete the graduation requirements, the student will not participate. 

If the necessary credits are completed before the next school year begins, the student will be recorded with that June graduation year, but cannot participate in commencement. The student will receive a diploma/certificate when all requirements are completed. There is only one commencement for each school year (month of June).

The valedictorian and salutatorian of the graduating class must successfully attend all 2 semesters of their senior year to maintain all accolades. Enrollment in spring semester may be waived by the school city administration for special circumstances with proper documentation being provided to the Principal at the beginning of the school year with loss of recognition.

Seniors who have fulfilled all requirements for graduation prior to the final semester may be waived provided that the reasons are specified and documented in the yearly plan, or in an emergency situation, documented before the end of the final semester of attendance. A waiver form is available from the guidance office.

Students who have completed the necessary requirements and opt to end daily attendance before their official June graduation, accept the responsibility to obtain information for activities at school that they may want to participate in. Daily announcements are made and information is posted on the website. Obtaining prom, commencement, cap & gown, and other information is the responsibility of the student. The same requirements and deadlines apply for them as well as students still in attendance.

Class rings, announcements, caps & gowns and other Senior items are ordered and distributed directly by the Herff-Jones Company. The company will send home a postcard with the date and times that they will be at Morton to distribute orders to students.  Make arrangements to have someone pick them up for you if there is a conflict. You also have the option to have your order shipped directly to your home when you place your order.  

Everyone who plans to participate in commencement MUST attend practice. Caps and gowns will be distributed by Herff-Jones and tickets for guests to attend will be distributed. As a school activity, dress code must be followed for practice. ANYONE WHO CHOOSES NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GRADUATION PRACTICE WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE GRADUATION CEREMONY.

Diplomas, certificates and other documents are printed with the student’s legal name as it appears on record at MHS.  If there is any legal change in the name, you must notify us before the diplomas are sent to print in December.  

Circulation information:
Format Loan Period
Books 3 weeks with 1 renewal  
Audio books In LMC Use or Classroom Use Only*
Reference, magazines, and AV materials In LMC Use Only
*Teachers who check out audio books for their students to use in the classroom are responsible for returning them to the LMC. 

Books are due on their due dates. Students may use the book depository outside the LMC to return a book, or they may bring their books to the LMC Circulation Desk. 
Students use their school IDs to check out library books. Students may check out one book at any given time. 
Students who fail to return a borrowed book lose their borrowing privileges at the LMC until the book is paid for through the school bookkeeper. Students also must meet their library obligations before they are allowed to participate in athletic events, school activities, or extracurricular functions.

Passes to the Library Media Center:
Students do need passes to the LMC before school or after school. 
To enter the LMC during classroom periods, students must present a teacher-issued pass to the LMC staff. Per Morton High School’s substitute teacher guidelines, substitute teachers may not write passes for students to come to the LMC. 
Upon entering the LMC, students must sign in, indicating from where they are coming and the time they arrive.
Once signed in, students remain in the LMC for the entire period unless the pass issued by the classroom teacher indicates otherwise or until the lunch period has ended.
Upon leaving the LMC, students should ask a LMC staff member to sign their passes back to class. 
LMC staff will not write passes for students to excuse their tardiness to class unless the tardy was caused by LMC circumstances beyond a student’s control.

Student Behavior in the Library Media Center:
Morton High School Student Handbook rules apply to all activity in the LMC.
The LMC is for quiet study, research, recreational reading, and small group activity. 
All visitors should be conscious of their volume levels and adjust as necessary in consideration of others who are working in the LMC. 
Eating, drinking, and gum-chewing are not allowed. 
Students are also asked not to tip or rock in the LMC chairs. 
At this time, students may print a reasonable number of black-and-white or color pages for school projects only. However, the LMC staff cannot make copies for students. Students should talk to a LMC staff member regarding their printing needs. 
Students who tamper with the computers or commit vandalism within the LMC risk not only losing their library privileges, but also possible suspension and/or expulsion from school and police involvement.
Violations of the LMC rules of conduct may result in a student’s temporary or permanent loss of library privileges. 

Finding what you need in the LMC:
With planning and a little effort, students will find what they need to complete their assignments in Morton’s LMC. Students may access the student computers in the LMC to make fiction and nonfiction book selections; use online resources to track down credible, authoritative, and timely information from various web sites; and conduct searches of their own. 

Students may have to spend some time reading an encyclopedia entry or two, looking through an index, or evaluating a web site, but they will find helpful resources. The LMC staff is always willing to assist students in their search efforts. 

The office of the school nurse is open during the school day to provide assistance to faculty and students who experience an accident or illness at school.  Students must first obtain a pass from their classroom teacher for that hour before being admitted to the nurse’s office where they will sign in.  
Only the nurse will contact the parent or guardian if the situation requires the student to go home.
Students who decide to leave school or call home due to illness or injury before authorization from the nurse will have that time missed recorded as truant.  They are also subject to disciplinary measures.

If the nurse is unable to locate a parent, guardian, or emergency contact the student must remain at school until the end of the school day.  Any student who leaves school property without proper authorization from the nurse or administrator will be recorded as truant and subject to disciplinary action.

Parents need to make the school nurse aware of any health condition or prescribed medications immediately. This information is kept confidential and will assist in the continuity of care to your child. When it is necessary for a child to receive medication (not limited to prescribed medications but also including over-the-counter medications such as aspirin or cold medication), and the medication is to be taken during school hours, a note from the physician/guardian is required containing the following information: Student name, name of medication, dosage to be administered, times to be taken, and the signature of the physician.  Written approval from the parent/guardian also needs to be on file regarding any medication. At the end of the school year, any remaining medications need to be picked up by a parent from the nurse. All unclaimed medications will be destroyed
All medications must be delivered to the school nurse by the parent/guardian in the original bottle from the pharmacy with the child’s name, dosage, and physician’s name clearly on the label.

Student tickets for most contests are available from the Athletic Office and at the game.  Special sport season passes are available in the Athletic Office for students and the families of students participating in sports. These passes allow entry for named pass holder to all home games except tournaments.

Morton High School administration, coaches, and athletes recognize the importance of good sportsmanship. Participants and fans are encouraged to represent themselves and Morton High School by displaying good sportsmanship and fair play at all times. Removal and/or suspension from these teams, clubs, and/or sports may occur if a student faces disciplinary action.

Every athlete at Morton High School is expected to:
Meet all requirements of IHSAA and have a valid physical examination signed by the parent/guardian on file with the AD before they can practice in any sport. Physicals must be renewed each year after June 1 of that year.
Must maintain passing grades in 4 solid subjects for each grading period, and for the present and preceding semesters in the school year
Each student must meet all school and IHSAA requirements as they pertain to conduct, attendance, academic requirements, etc.
Failure to meet these requirements immediately designates the athlete ineligible to participate.

The athlete must be in attendance for a minimum of 3 full class periods on any game day with the absence(s) from the other period (s) being an excused absence(s) in accordance with school definition.
Any athlete truant on a game day is ineligible for participation.
Any athlete who does not meet the above attendance requirements is ineligible to compete in the event.
Any MHS athlete who has been:
Suspended by the school, which includes ICBM, may not practice or participate in any interscholastic contest during the day(s) of the suspension
Suspended by the athletic department must attend and participate in all practices but may not participate in any interscholastic contest during the day of suspension.

Any athlete who behaves in such a way that would bring any discredit upon the athlete, school, or team will jeopardize participation in the athletic program. Penalties will be imposed by the coach, the athletic director, or administration.
Any athlete conducting himself in a disparaging manner while wearing any Morton spirit wear or Morton uniform jeopardizes his participation in the athletic program, and further disciplinary action may follow at the discretion of the administration.

Athletes and parents will be asked to sign a written copy of all training rules and consequences.

An athlete will be dismissed from the team and is ineligible for any athletic participation or practice for any sport as determined by the coach, athletic director and administration and disciplinary action for the following:
Smoking or using smokeless tobacco
Under the influence or possession of alcohol
Under the influence or possession of any drug, narcotic, look-a-like or controlled substances
Drug abuse or sale
Gang activity/affiliation/promotion
Violation of any eligibility rules
Violation of any basic training rule

Any athlete who quits or is removed from an athletic event for unsportsmanlike conduct by the IHSAA for improper conduct will be suspended from participating in the next contest. A report will be filed by the school and the athlete to the IHSAA and additional consequences may result.

Athletes will be denied participation for a period of time and may be removed from the team as determined by the coach/administration/athletic director and will receive disciplinary action for the following:
Rule violation
Obscene gestures, swearing, foul language
Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind

Any athlete who is removed from a team who quits or has disciplinary outcome, will not be eligible to practice or play any other sport during that same athletic season.

Athletes and their parent/guardian are responsible for the equipment and uniforms issued to the athlete.  It is the responsibility of the athlete and his parent for payment of team and personal uniform/equipment fees, damaged items, and items not returned as directed.  Awards shall not be awarded nor will any further equipment be issued to the participant for any sport until the obligation is cleared.

Any athlete who commits any infraction while wearing any team/spirit item or representing MHS in any capacity faces all of the above consequences. Athletic uniforms and equipment are not to be worn by the athlete or used by anyone outside of practice or school-sponsored events in which the athlete participates. With administrative approval, coaches may establish additional training rules, schedules, curfews, etc. for each sport. 
All rules, requirements and guidelines with any additions will be on file with the Principal and parents will be given written notification. A signed copy with the athlete’s signature and parent acceptance will be on file with the AD.

Membership in the Morton Chapter of the National Honor Society is open to those second- semester juniors and seniors who have attended Morton for at least one full semester.  In addition, the following criteria must be met:
Scholarship—Members must have a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.3 or better.
Service and Leadership—Members must have participated in at least 3 school activities.  Athletic participation may be counted for no more than 2 of the 3.  Service and leadership in community activities are encouraged and may be considered by the Faculty Council.
Character—Names of all nominees are submitted to the faculty for their comments on the character of the nominee.  Past attendance and discipline records are also evaluated.  A committee of faculty members makes the final decision on which nominees are offered membership.

The selection of a Homecoming Queen and Mr. Governor is an annual tradition at MHS.  The individuals selected for these and other honors are students who have been positive leaders both in and out of the classroom and community. The following criteria are the minimum expectations for the individuals (and their escort) selected.
Senior in good standing who has successfully completed 3 years of high school and has a minimum 34 credits earned.
Cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better.
Involvement in a minimum of 3 clubs or sports during the previous school year.
One teacher recommendation.
Completed application submitted before deadline.
Have a 95% attendance record for the current semester and the semester immediately before this homecoming semester.
As a representative of Morton HS, all attendance, grade and discipline records will be reviewed for all high school years attended and may affect eligibility.  
Candidates agree to participate in a designated charity activity which will impact the selection of queen.

The evaluation of criteria and decision of eligibility made by the administration is final.

It is the participant’s responsibility to make certain they obtain all the information and have completed all necessary paperwork and submitted it on time and are aware of all guidelines in place to be eligible to participate in any events.   
All forms must be completed and submitted before the deadline. Even if you are not sure whether you are going to attend or not, be sure to complete the form and submit it on time just in case you do decide to go. Late applications will not be accepted.
There are a limited number of tickets and favors available, which are sold on a first come-first served basis. The dates for sale and prices are announced and on the application. We do not hold tickets or make special arrangements to obtain tickets. Everyone has the same opportunity to purchase tickets until the deadline for sales or tickets are sold out. If you are absent, send a parent or friend to buy your ticket.  Students withdrawn from school before graduation are ineligible to participate.
Permission forms must be obtained, completed by the student(s), processed and approved by administration 7 days before ticket sales begin.  These forms relate to identification and approval of attendees, guests, escorts or dates, and documentation to comply with all guidelines governing school activities.  Student attendance and discipline will influence their eligibility. Late forms are not accepted.
There are no ticket refunds for any reason.
Late or incomplete forms will not be accepted or approved.  
If a planned date changes at the last minute, you may choose another date from the remaining forms that were approved and submitted within the deadlines. New applicants will not be accepted.
Ticket sales for any event will be scheduled, printed on the application and announced.  Sales will only be made after school (2:50 PM) in room 301.  Tickets will not be available after the scheduled sale dates.  In order to be able to obtain a hall for any event, and have favors and other necessary supplies, we must know how many people will be in attendance.  As young adults, students are encouraged to be responsible in order to be successful in their future.  Acquiring and completing the necessary paperwork and meeting deadlines is part of that future.  Forms will not be approved the same day that you plan to purchase your tickets; time is needed to verify and authorize the forms.
Morton students MUST have no more than 50 truant periods for the school year to be eligible.
Any rule violation deemed significant by the administration may also include as discipline outcome of also negating permission to participate.
All guests to Morton or Morton students attending as a guest to another school function will be verified for age, grade, credits, current enrollment in school, and discipline records in order to be approved.
As these are high school student activities, those aged over 20 are ineligible to participate or attend.
Students on homebound status are ineligible to attend activities.
Morton graduates or former Morton students, with administrative approval, may attend as the guest of a current Morton student.  They must also meet all Morton criteria for eligibility, and satisfactory reference forms must be submitted.
There is no early dismissal or excused absence the day of any activity/dance.  All students planning to attend any activity must be in attendance their full scheduled school day of the activity.  Any student not in compliance will not be allowed participation in the activity.
Final determination of eligibility is made by a faculty advisory committee composed of the class sponsors and the administration.
In some circumstances, it is the practice of Morton High School to accept only cash as payment for school purchases.  This policy is always in effect for any school obligations or ticket purchases when the student is planning to attend an event occurring less than 30 business days of payment being made or ticket sales begin.  Ticket payments are always made in cash.

Be a Senior on schedule to graduate the year of the Prom.
Have 36 credits at the end of the 1st semester.
Purchased a ticket to attend Prom.
Know that your discipline records affect eligibility.

Individuals attending the Morton prom must follow the above criteria in addition to these requirements:
In order to attend Prom as an upperclassman, individually or to invite a guest you must be in good standing, have completed minimum 2 years of high school with 30 credits successfully completed toward graduation at the end of the second semester the year the Prom will be held. 
In order to be the guest of a Morton junior or senior, that student must be in good standing with a minimum 18 credits successfully completed toward graduation at the end of the second semester the school year in which the Prom will be held are eligible to attend. Students and guests may not be more than 20 years old to attend this high school activity.
Individuals with less than 18 credits are not eligible to attend. 
Guests from other schools may attend as the guest of an eligible Morton junior or senior by meeting the same criteria as a Morton student and have the recommendation of their own school and approval of Morton administrators.  Permission form must be completed and submitted from the Principal at the school the guest attends with the school seal affixed to the form.  Guests who have withdrawn from high school before graduation are ineligible to attend.
A parent must call the attendance office with a minimum 24 hours advance request for any early dismissal. There are no other excused absences or extended times allowed for Prom day. Be sure to plan any hair, nail, fittings, etc. within the allowed guidelines. There is always a mandatory Prom meeting the week before Prom for all students who have purchased a ticket to attend.  All students planning to attend Prom must attend this meeting.

School attendance requirements for Prom day:
ALL attendees must be in school through the end of 3RD hour.  Students who attend the ACC must attend class there until the end of third hour to be dismissed.  Parents must arrange with the attendance office 24 hours in advance to request this early dismissal (limited to being excused 4TH and 5th hours only) to attend Prom.  No absence of any other kind is excused on Prom day for attendees. As this absence is optional, it will count toward the total absences allowed for the trimester.  Be sure you can afford the time missed.  If a parent/student do not return the early dismissal request to the attendance office by the deadline posted, the student will be considered truant.  If you are not in attendance through 3rd hour, and/or your parent/guardian has not returned the signed dismissal request to arrange for your early dismissal, you will not be allowed to enter Prom. Remember to schedule your hair, nail, doctor, etc. appointments with this in mind. Attendance is verified for each student at the end of the day by the administration. Check with the attendance office to make sure you were called off before you leave.

Regulations regarding all school functions and extra-curricular activities:
Smoking, alcohol, drugs, controlled or look-alike substances, items that are judged dangerous or detrimental to the health or safety of the students or others are forbidden.  Violators will be removed and prosecuted.
In order to enter, students must present their ticket and valid Morton ID.  Guests must also present a valid student picture ID or driver’s license and age verification upon request.  No student will be admitted without these identifications.
Students who leave the center will not be permitted to re-enter the building.  
No one will be allowed to leave the activity to go to a car or to receive items inadvertently left at home.
Appropriate dress as expected of high school age student is required to attend any activity.
Proper etiquette and conduct expected for a high school activity will be maintained at all high school events, including dances. Appropriate forms of dancing, conduct and physical contact expected for a high school sponsored activity will be maintained. Violators will be asked to leave and escorted off the property if necessary.
Anyone arriving in what is judged inappropriate by administrator/sponsor will not enter the venue. If you are unsure about your outfit, seek approval by the administration before the purchase or the day of the activity.
Anyone smoking or in possession of tobacco at the location will be sent home and subject to disciplinary action the following school day. Anyone drinking, under the influence of, or in possession of alcohol, or any controlled or lookalike substance will be detained by the city police and transferred to police headquarters where parents will be notified. School disciplinary and civil charges will follow.

Students participating in athletics and extra-curricular activities have a greater opportunity to succeed in academics. Morton has a variety of groups and activities always looking for new members with great ideas and enthusiasm! Make new friends, meet new people and gain experiences that will last a lifetime!