Mission, Vision and Beliefs

Morton Senior High School Counseling Program Mission Statement:

The mission of the Morton Senior High School counseling program is to develop and deliver a comprehensive school counseling program that is holistic, data-driven, and collaborative in addressing the academic, social/emotional and career goals of every student. We will cultivate a culture of equity and access to ensure that all students are empowered to shape their future as lifelong learners.

Morton Senior High  School Vision Statement:

The Morton Senior High School counseling program will nurture students to be agents of change and prepare them for involvement in their communities through self-awareness and civic engagement. Students will immerse in growth mindsets as problem-solvers, critical thinkers and self advocates, ensuring they are prepared to navigate the complexities of home, career and community.

Morton Senior High School Counseling Program Beliefs:

  • All students can be successful by developing their skills to their fullest potential.
  • All students deserve to be treated with dignity and respect so that they may build their self-confidence and ability to accept and be accepted in a culturally diverse society.
  • All students should have equal access to a high-quality education which equitably supports life-long learning and decision-making skills in the academic, social/emotional, and college/career readiness domains.
  • All students can become productive citizens in a global and 21st century technologically driven society.
  • School counselors will advocate for all students and promote self advocacy skills
  • All students have the ability to achieve academically and in their chosen post-secondary pathway.
  • Student achievement and attendance data must drive the school counseling program goals, lessons and focus/small groups.
  • The counseling program should be developed collaboratively to best serve all students developmental needs.
  • Alignment with the ASCA national model is imperative for a school counseling program to ensure that all areas of student need (academic, career, and personal/social) are addressed.