Svetlana Maksimovich

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Welcome to my page! 

Svetlana Maksimovich

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My name is Miss Maksimovich a.k.a. Miss Mak.  
I teach special education (Basic Skills, ECA prep and co-teach with Mr. Wilson, Mr. Feltz and Mrs. Larsen-Turner) at Morton High School.  You can reach me at if you have any questions/comments/concerns. You can also call me at 219-989-7316 ext. 1868 :-)

Here's to a great semester! 

Miss Maksimovich's Schedule
Class Period Class Name Room Number
1 Basic Skills (Math/LA)    Room 148
2 Co-Teaching with Mr. Wilson    Room 135
3 Co-Teaching with Mr. Feltz    Room 138
4 Prep/No Students    ---------
5 Co-Teaching with Mr. Wilson    Room 135
6 Common/Prep Time (No Students at this time)
7 Co-Teaching with Mrs. Larsen-Turner    Room 119