Julius Kish

Hello, My Name Is...

Mr. Julius Kish

Zac OR

2018-2019 Teaching Schedule

  1 Chemistry 1
 2 ICP
 3 ICP
 6  Chemistry 1
 7 Honors Chemistry

Class Policies

‚ÄčPeriodic Table


Mr. Kish will make the following
 statement or one similar to this
 three times at the beginning of class:


“At this time, all cellular devices
are to be put away
and things out of your ears.”


Should a cellular device be out
 after that time or using
ear buds, headphones,
etc. (provided permission was not granted to use them), the violator will
be sent down to the 
administration for insubordination.


This is an issue of disrespect
and not the expected behavior
 of a Morton Governor.

Revised 8/14/18