Bertha Sosa

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Señora Sosa

Mexcian Woman


Mi horario

Periodo 1 - Español AP Lengua y Cultura
Periodo 2 - Spanish 2
Periodo 3 - Prep Hour

Periodo 4 - Español 3
Periodo 5 - Español 3
Periodo 6 - Español 3
Periodo 7 - Department Common Time


Contact information:
phone:  (219) 989-7316 ext 1878

Class syllabus/guidelines and expectations

 Links for Spanish 2, 3 y AP

Pearson textbook company: Realidades Textbook 
If the link does not work, go to The School City of Hammond website and under the portal's menu find Pearson online.  Use that link.

Classroom:  Google Classroom  For a list of the daily assignments and homework.

Quizlet:  Quizlet  Vocabulary practice sets.

Conjuguemos:  Conjuguemos  For extra conjugation or vocabulary practice.

Study Spanish: Study Spanish  For grammar topic and extra vocabulary practice.

Resources and extra practice

Recursos para español 3A y 3B

Capítulo 2

     Ser vs. Estar:  ser vs estar

     Verbs that have different meaning in the Imperfect and Preterite:  Do the quizlet activity

Capítulo 3
    Commands-Familiar:  Tú Commands (affirmative & negative)
    Commands-Formal:  Formal Commands (affirmative & negative)

Recursos para español AP

Las noticias en español

CNN en español 
Radio Naciones Unidas
Prensa Escrita
BBC en español
National Geographic
Yahoo en español
El País

​Last Update:  September 1, 2018